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ASUS Transformer 3 pro review

Transformer 3 Pro (1)

After the success of Microsoft Surface pro which was greatly welcomed by users, the companies such as HP, Dell, and Acer aimed to make similar products and tried to design a Windows-based tablet with the ability to be transformed to notebook.

Transformer 3 Pro (1)

The Transformer 3 pro is the latest hybrid laptop of Asus. It has new design; as long as the device manufacturer’s logo does not attract your attention, you will undoubtedly think that it is Microsoft Surface pro. In the following, we compare this product with Microsoft Surface.

Transformer 3 Pro (10)

Recently, Taiwanese company launched the ZenBook, a product with similar appearance and features to Apple MacBook.Despite all similarities, Asus has tried to produce a high value product than Microsoft Surface pro, its main competitor.

On transformers 3 pro design, Asus explains that when you look at it, you’re actually watching a masterpiece of design; this is thanks to Microsoft, rather than Taiwanese company.

Transformer 3 Pro (2)

Like the Surface pro, the Transformers 3 pro has metal flat body. It is equipped with a moving stand with moving angle of 155 degrees. Therefore, the user will be able to set the device in appropriate angle (up to 170 degrees) and easily use it.

In Transformers 3 pro, Asus removed circular designs which were commonly used in metal body of its products. The aluminum (aluminum-magnesium alloy) body of this tablet is quite smooth and simple. This makes it more and more similar to Surface pro, but it is pleasant when is touched.

Transformer 3 Pro (3)

With a weight of 790 grams, Transformers 3 pro is about 4 grams heavier than the heaviest model of Surface pro 4; instead, its thickness is 8.35 mm which is almost a millimeter thinner than its competitor.

If you hold the device horizontally, you will see only one button to turn off and turn on the device on the top view. The airflow holes are located on the left side, just like Microsoft.

On the opposite side, there is magnet connector which connects the keyboard to body. Other ports of transformers 3 pro are divided into two groups.On the left side of body, there is memory card port, headphone and microphone jack, and volume control buttons.

Transformer 3 Pro (4)

On the other side, there is one USB 3.0 port, one HDMI, and one USB type C; the latest, however, also is used to connect the charger to charge the device. This port is in fact the Thunderbolt 3 which can also be used to transfer the pictures; this feature does not exist in Microsoft Surface pro 4.

Transformer 3 Pro (5)

This product is made in gray and gold. Considering four colors for keyboard, there will be 8 different color combinations which may be selected by users.

The 12.6-inch display of transformers 3 pro consists of 2880 in 1920 or 3K resolution; this means that there are 274 pixels per inch on screen.This resolution is higher than the resolution of most similar competitors which have a resolution of 1080 and is even a bit higher than Surface pro 4.

Transformer 3 pro display

The brightness of display is also suitable for outdoor use. In general, it may be said that Asus is very successful in this area and has produced a product with high quality screen. This display also supports stylus.

Unlike Surface pro, the keyboard of transformers 3 pro exists in product pack.

It has a keyboard with back light buttons which their height is 1.4 mm. The smoothness of buttons and their appropriate distance from each other are pleasant for users.

Transformer 3 Pro (8)

Another positive point of keyboard is that like Surface pro, it is connected through attaching a magnet and approaching to connector.

Transformer 3 Pro (6)

The 4/8/16GB LPDDR3RAM and i5 and i7 Intel processors guarantee the hardware power of this 2-in-1 tablet.Another superiority of Asus against Surface is the ability of transformers to connect the ROG XG Station 2 dock which costs 300 $ and is equipped with desktop GTX 980 graphics card. Therefore, it is possible to run the high size applications and games in this hybrid tablet. By connecting this dock, in addition, some significant features will be provided such as playing games with a resolution of 4K or using virtual reality headsets.

Transformer 3 Pro (7)

The infrared cameras another similarity of these two products. It is located on edge of screen to enable the use of Windows Hello and unlocking the device by eye scanning.

The Asus tablet is equipped with two cameras (2 and 13 megapixel) with desirable and satisfying quality.

The speakers of transformers are made based on Harmon Kardon and Sonic Master Premium technologies. According to manufacturer, this increases the volume up to 2 times, improves the transparency of sound, and reduces the noise level.

Transformer 3 Pro (9)

The sound clarity and broadcast quality of speakers are good; like the Surface pro 4, however, it does not have enough power base and the loudness of sound only suffices the indoor environment.

Transformers 3 pro is equipped with a 39 watt-hour lithium-polymer battery. According to manufacturer, once charge will lasted up to 9 hours; this is similar to Surface pro 4.

Within an hour, the battery is charged to 60%; this is better than its American competitor.

Finally, it can be concluded that looking to Microsoft product, Asus has removed some critical features (including not-so-efficient and powerful processor Core M) and has tried to produce similar but more complete and cheaper product.

Asus hybrid tablet is an attractive product which does not add significant features to world of technology; however, it provides the features of Microsoft Surface pro 4 along with more other features with reasonable price to users.

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TamaskanLEM said:

Great review. I think the only thing that's missing is talk about the pen. Does this mean that it's sold separately from this laptop?

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