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  • Transformer 3 Pro (1)

    ASUS Transformer 3 pro review

  • honda acura  NSX (5)

    Acura NSX, adapted from Ferrari and Porsche

  • Aston Martin (4)

    Aston Martin’s new supercar in collaboration with Red bull Racing

  • canon-5ds (1)

    First 50-megapixel DSLR camera

  • Huawei Watch (1)

    Huawei Watch; One to Watch Out For!


Facetune; an amazing photo editing app

dacetune icon

This photo editing app can produce some amazing transformations, using similar blemish-removal effects and airbrushing tricks to those employed by fashion magazines. The Reshape tool is particularly impressive. enabling you to stretch and shrink parts of the subject’s face. such as widening their smile and shortening their nose. The results look authentic – so long as you don’t overdo it – and the app offers a host of advanced editing […]

Call Reminder

call reminder

Call Reminder is a small and highly functional app which helps you to note for different people! However, the function of this app is slightly different from other apps. Using this app, in fact, you may write notes for different numbers; the notes will appear when the people call you. In addition, Call Reminder may remind a call and even automatically send SMS with custom text in specified time Available […]

Android app; Recover and restore deleted files by GT Recovery

gtrecovery icon

Deleting files by accident is something that happens more often than you think! It can sometimes be extremely problematic and even may lead to huge losses.But, do not worry! Technewz website introduces an application for Android phones to be able to easily recover files with highest success rate. Stay with us! GT Recovery is one of the best data recovery software. Its official app for Android platform is also launched and may recover […]

Bidween; Fast & free bidding market

bidween icon

Reverse auctions allow you to buy and sell to local clients on this handy app. Bidween takes the online bidding market and turns it in reverse. Instead of clients bidding upward to get an item (the traditional online model), Bidween uses a reverse auction model where competing sellers bid their lowest price, allowing the buyer the advantage. For sellers, this means they can lock up potential customers; for buyers, this […]

Part Time Hero: Monster Mayham

Part Time Hero icon

Battle monsters with a bevy of cute assistants. Part Time Hero: Monster Mayham is a bit strange to play in that it seems to be written for an adolescent who loves anime, which doesn’t make it less fun, but does make it a fairly unique experience. Your task is to kill hordes of virtually unlimited (but graphically stunning) monsters to level up and get higher level weapons. The game uses […]

Habent Money; more opportunities to make money

Habent Money

Habent Money is the latest in a number of apps that exist for people who want to make money “doing stuff on the Internet“. Since that’s basically anyone with a smart device, the model works when it comes to companies looking to test out potential customers who just happen to be- you guessed it- doing stuff on the Internet. They pay the app for users to do everything from watching […]

Android app; Fabulous: Motivate Me


It’s not easy to have a routine in your life, especially if you’re in a job with erratic work timings and uncertain schedules. But it’s a routine that keeps you energized, motivated and focused on goals that are important to you, and this app called Fabulous: Motivate Me helps you start just that – a routine.  It is a science-based coaching app that will help you build healthy morning / […]

Summer’s 3 best learning apps for kids

Picsart for kids (1)

3 of the best learning apps for both kids and parents you may find in App store and Play store. 1- Endless Numbers By Originator Inc – Age 3+ This app comes from the creators of Sesame Street’s The Monster at the End of This Book – so you know it’s bound to be silly and cute. The monster-themed activities teach children number recognition, counting and simple addition. Each number […]

Bushido Bear

Bushido Bear (3)

Any game can hand you a sword, but  pulls off a tougher trick – making you feel like an unstoppable samurai. The game offers a swipe-based action challenge in which you play a role of the guardian of your homeland – a large forest – that is being invaded by evil creatures, spirits and demons, and it’s up to you to hack them down to size. As far as gameplay […]

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