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  • Transformer 3 Pro (1)

    ASUS Transformer 3 pro review

  • honda acura  NSX (5)

    Acura NSX, adapted from Ferrari and Porsche

  • Aston Martin (4)

    Aston Martin’s new supercar in collaboration with Red bull Racing

  • canon-5ds (1)

    First 50-megapixel DSLR camera

  • Huawei Watch (1)

    Huawei Watch; One to Watch Out For!


O&O SafeErase professional 10


It is tempting to think that when you delete a file from your PC that it is gone for ever, but data can actually be recovered from your hard disk for a good period of time after it’s supposedly been erased. That might be reassuring for those who don’t believe in backups, but for those with sensitive information to look after ,it’s worrying. Data is not physically deleted from your […]

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ70 review

panasonic tz70 (1)

The DMC-TZ70 is a compact camera with a 30x optical zoom, making it the perfect partner to a zoom-less smartphone camera. The trouble is that fitting a30x zoom into a pocket-sized camera comes at the expense of image quality in low light. It’s a limitation of optical design that a small camera can have a big zoom or a wide aperture for improved image quality in low light, but not […]

Good password practice

how to choose a good password

For anyone who uses the internet, strong passwords are an essential part of daily life. It doesn’t matter how little time you’re online, you’re likely to find yourself entering, creating, resetting or remembering a password. The sheer number we’re called on to create can make it inconvenient to ensure that each new one is more difficult to crack than the last. not least because you have to also remember it. […]

ASUS Transformer 3 pro review

Transformer 3 Pro (1)

After the success of Microsoft Surface pro which was greatly welcomed by users, the companies such as HP, Dell, and Acer aimed to make similar products and tried to design a Windows-based tablet with the ability to be transformed to notebook. The Transformer 3 pro is the latest hybrid laptop of Asus. It has new design; as long as the device manufacturer’s logo does not attract your attention, you will […]

Megaboom; portable wireless speakers

Ultimate Ears Megaboom

UE (Ultimate Ears) already has a couple of portable wireless speakers in its arsenal: the Mini Boom and Boom. The latter is a firm office favorite and five-star product, but the range has recently spawned a big brother, the UE Megaboom. To look at it, you’d think it was simply a larger version of the much-loved Boom. And you’d be right. It shares the same cylindrical design and styling, including […]

Lenovo Ideapad 700 review

Lenovo ideapad 700 main

More recently in 2016, the Ideapad 700 which is the newest member of Lenovo Ideapad family was marketed. In addition to good hardware features, Ideapad 700 laptop has new and elegant design and is produced in black and white. Some prominent features of this product include high screen quality, firm frame, and Lenovo famous Chiclet keyboard. Design and production The IdeaPad 700 Lenovo laptop is more different from all other […]

Apple is developing a new technology to produce the battery of electric cars


As one of the largest and most prestigious IT hardware and software companies, Apple tries to enter the automobile industry. The car which Apple is trying to produce is a little different with the existing types. There is not leaked detailed information in this regard. These days, Apple works hardly to develop a new electric car. On the other hand, the reports state that Cupertino, the tech giant,has recently started […]

Cut songs and make ringtones

mp3 cutter android

MP3 Cutter Ringtone Maker is an app for Android phones which may be used to cut music files and make ringtones. There are dozens default ringtones in all phones which may be used as ringtones. However, some do not like these default ringtones or prefer to use special ringtones for their mobiles. Therefore, they try to create their unique and favorite ringtones. The ringtone making means cutting a part of […]

Acura NSX, adapted from Ferrari and Porsche

honda acura  NSX (5)

The Honda, a Japanese company is known in the world as producer of types of motorcycles, automobile motors, and cars. This company has always been one of the largest and most successful automobile producers in the world and provides high quality and high technology products. Under Acura brand which belongs to luxury products, Honda recently unveiled a super sport car GT class called Acura NSX. This car is a new […]

How can I find my phone is under control and espionage?


Have you ever hesitated your phone may be under espionage? What signs show that a smart phone is hacked and its information is stolen?This question and all similar questions are common concern of many smartphone users. Considering the fact that the phone is a versatile tool for most people and important information are saved in it, many losses will be caused if it will be stolen.There are hardware and software […]

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